Haaga(High-efficient Sweeping Machine)

High-power sweeping machine

Sweepers from Professionals

Over 45 years experience , Haaga main expertise is the development of modern and high-power sweeping machines. Haaga products are developed and manufactured with firm conviction exclusively in Germany in order to ensure their top quality. Haaga place a high value on environmentally-friendly and CO2 neutral production.


The only manufacturer of sweeping machines to receive such recognition.

Haaga patented turbo-sweeping system was awarded the gold medal and endorsed by the president at the Strasbourg Innovation Competition in 2009. It will only takes you 20 second to understand how Haaga is able to claim the best sweeper in the league, by the speed of your walk is Haaga sweeper able to sweep any debris of the size of fine dust, sand, gravel, cigarette butts, soda cans or leaves and even pine needles.

Hand-held sweeper with patented disc brush system 

Haaga offer a broad range of hand-held sweepers. There's a machine to suit every application. Haaga hand-powered sweepers sets itself apart from the rest with its sweeping performance, ease of operation, high-quality workmanship, and outstanding value.

The unique disc brush system of Haaga

Patented disc brush technology. Here two special counter-rotating disc brushes cut below the waste and push it directly into the waste container. The coarse or fine waste is not "driven over" or simply pushed in front of the sweeper. Even wet foliage is picked up properly. In the 400/600 series, the disc brush technology is extended with a fine dirt brush behind it. These machines sweep twice in one step. Even the most fine debris is collected.